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Hey girls! So sorry to say but life is getting a bit too much right now and shit's been going down for a couple weeks so until they get sorted I might have to put all my characters on hiatus. So sorry and I promise I'll try to get back to full rping soon! Love you all xxx

No worries love! Thanks for letting us know, and good luck with everything. Cant wait to have you back. 

- Ramona

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Callie | 23 | Wolf shifter | Shay Mitchell | Original character | TAKEN

"Sheltered" was a bit of an understatement while growing up with Callie’s parents. But then again, having one of their children being stolen at the age of six did that to a couple, no matter how much Callie’s claws longed for the bark of a tree, or her voice needed to howl at the moonlight. They never told her not to be a wolf, but there was great limitations on how far from home she could roam, or who to hang around with. But all that changed the day her parents died, leaving her with the house, and hardly anyone to call her family. 

Down to earth, eager for adventure, and perhaps a bit too confident in her abilities sometimes, Callie set out in search of her brother. Money in her pocket, and eager to explore she wasnt sure she would actually be able to find him. Until now.

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 Malcom - brother

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Everyone please unfollow tucker.

Please and thank you! 

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Could you have everyone unfollow Colin? I don't really use him anymore :/

Sure thing. Everyone unfollow Colin :)

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Modern slang.

Hey guys, 

Try to take out any modern slang words while rping, just to try and keep it to the time period. 


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Hey guys, I think I'm gonna drop Gemma and Jill. I never really use them like ever. Can everyone go unfollow them? I'll delete their blogs soon.

You heard the girl, Everyone unfollow Gemma and Jill.

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Just a brief message.

I wanted to let people know that I’m not ignoring anyone or any replies, but I just have hit a very stressful week this week in terms of Tafe work as well as some personal and medical issues of my own. So I’m really trying to find snippets of time to do replies in, but when I do find them, I find I lack a lot of inspiration or muses for my characters. 

Just wanted to let you guys know I still adore you, and I’m still active to chat and my ability to “like” posts has not failed me yet. But as far as the physical writing comes- I’m really struggling at the moment. I’m struggling with a lot of things.

So basically, I’ve moved. I now live on struggle street, it’s between lazy lane and anxious avenue. You’ll find me there brooding until I get this stuff sorted out (which hopefully, means soon.)

xx mod kellie