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Hi Allie! Thank you so much for your application, and you’re welcome to take Tyler! However the only thing I must say is we recently had a mun take that face claim for an original character, I’m sorry I didn’t know the bio hadn’t been updated. You’re still welcome to use Tyler, if you can come up with another face claim you’d like to use. :)

Welcome to kingdoms at odds, please make his blog, open his ask and send him in to us so that we can give you the code for the OOC blog where you can meet everyone! ~mod kellie

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Anonymous said:

Do you guys have any most wanted characters?

We actually don’t! We’re absolutely happy to have anyone. OC or Canon, it’s entirely up to you. 

~mod kellie


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#follow #mun: julia #hey if you want i can sort out a theme but its actually really easy #if you just look for the html code of one that you like :)

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Malcolm | 20 | Wolf Shifter | Charles Michael Davis  | N/A | TAKEN

Malcolm tries not to be the monster he’d been groomed to become. A short temper typical of wolf shifters has that a bit of a challenge since it’s what kept him alive, so he can’t fight the instinct fully. He’s seen the darkness some humans can carry and it makes him wary of most. 

Kept in a cage since young Malcolm is more than aware his social skills are lacking; if not nonexhistant. Understanding humor or even sarcasm is something he struggles with, make a joke and you’ll get a blank stare. Because the only thing he’s ever found funny was when he got to spit out his tormentors throat after their last command. A smile is rare as he’s still figuring out for himself what makes him happy, but when he does he’ll latch on tight. It’s not that he doesn’t want to interact with others, quite the opposite really. All he’s ever known is to kill the next face he see’s, trying to talk with it just works against his nature.

  • Connections 
Sage - Friend
Brenna - Ex-lover/Friend
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“Names have power.”
― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief


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     Hi girls! I need Eva to send in the bio for Jackson and Mal’s face claim for bios and Alex (Wendy) to send in Jasmine’s bio ASAP please.

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Legit Tip #110


Destroy the idea of the “strong female characters.” Focus your time and attention on building strong characters…. period.

What you want to do is write complex, real characters. Characters who have goals and ambitions beyond finding true love or defeating the Evil Empire. 

Sansa Stark is not diminished as a character because she starts her journey loving romantic stories of knights and sewing and pretty gowns. She is just as complex and fascinating as Arya, who more stereotypically falls into the “strong female character” role. 

Hermione Granger proves that your intelligent, witty, loyal female side character can have flaws. Hermione is dogmatic, at times lacks creativity, and is not that open to ideas that contradict her own in the way that other characters are. Similarly, Ginny Weasley proves that strength can come of sitting back and letting the person that you love do what he thinks is right, even if that means staying behind. (Of course, Ginny doesn’t sit on her laurels… she finds a fight to involve herself in.)

The point to take away from this is that you don’t build a strong female character by making her a master of Martial Arts, giving her a sword, or making her a jet fighter. 

You don’t make a strong female character by putting lipstick and a dress on a male character, either. 

You make a complex female character by thinking about how all the things in her life - her gender included - have shaped her into the individual she is within your story.

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          It’s monday! If Julia and Alex would like to submit their bios for Jasmine and Rapunzel over the next few days that would be great. :) As for the rest of Casey and Ravin’s characters, they are now open.

~mod kellie


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          By Monday if the two muns mentioned previously have not messaged the main, we are officially counting them as having left the roleplay. This means that Rapunzel is on reserve for Julia and Jasmine is on reserve for Alex (Wendy).

Ps. It’s great to see everybody’s tasks coming along :)

~mod kellie

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