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Violet Walter | 25 | Human | Alona Tal | N/A | TAKEN

Violet had never been the girl who sat around and cooked or cleaned with her mother, she was always out in the woods with her father, learning to use knives and a bow since she was able to walk. She’s always loved the forest and her weapons, thanks to her father. But when Violet was only ten, he died in the woods, but Violet was never told how. But since the day her father died, she felt like it was her duty to keep the forest safe for anyone one else to walk through. She doesn’t want another little girl to come home to her mother weeping over her father’s body. .

Now, at the age of twenty-five, Violet is living on the edge of the Dark Forest in Knighton, always ready for a job to come her way. She works at the Tavern every couple of nights, needing to the extra money. 

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Application for Eden Lewis Accepted

Hello McKayla your application for Eden has been accepted. It’ll be interesting to have some more dragons in the group. Welcome and be sure to send in your characters url asap so people can follow and we can send you a link to the ooc chat. Excited to have you here at Kingdom at Odds! 

~Mod Alex

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        hello ladies, just wanted to let you guys know my computers a bit on the way out at the moment but i really appreciate all the confessions lately! i’ll make them up as soon as i can! i’m thinking a new format is in order, and i’ll be working on that soon. hope my absence isn’t too hard, i’ve been needing a break.

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Hi Allie! Thank you so much for your application, and you’re welcome to take Tyler! However the only thing I must say is we recently had a mun take that face claim for an original character, I’m sorry I didn’t know the bio hadn’t been updated. You’re still welcome to use Tyler, if you can come up with another face claim you’d like to use. :)

Welcome to kingdoms at odds, please make his blog, open his ask and send him in to us so that we can give you the code for the OOC blog where you can meet everyone! ~mod kellie

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Anonymous said:

Do you guys have any most wanted characters?

We actually don’t! We’re absolutely happy to have anyone. OC or Canon, it’s entirely up to you. 

~mod kellie


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Malcolm | 20 | Wolf Shifter | Charles Michael Davis  | N/A | TAKEN

Malcolm tries not to be the monster he’d been groomed to become. A short temper typical of wolf shifters has that a bit of a challenge since it’s what kept him alive, so he can’t fight the instinct fully. He’s seen the darkness some humans can carry and it makes him wary of most. 

Kept in a cage since young Malcolm is more than aware his social skills are lacking; if not nonexhistant. Understanding humor or even sarcasm is something he struggles with, make a joke and you’ll get a blank stare. Because the only thing he’s ever found funny was when he got to spit out his tormentors throat after their last command. A smile is rare as he’s still figuring out for himself what makes him happy, but when he does he’ll latch on tight. It’s not that he doesn’t want to interact with others, quite the opposite really. All he’s ever known is to kill the next face he see’s, trying to talk with it just works against his nature.

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“Names have power.”
― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief